A weak Webmail offering from Lotus called iNotes

The latest offering from Lotus Live doesn't measure up

Lotus Live has a new offering that is singularly unimpressive called iNotes. It is a stripped-down, bare-bones Webmail client that doesn't have anything in common with Notes other than the last five characters of its name. iNotes has the ability to organize your messages into folders, but unlike Gmail's labels where you can tag multiple messages with different labels, once you place a message in a folder it can't live anywhere else. It also has a contact manager, but very primitive without the ability to mass import existing contacts, which just about every Webmailer now has. There are no ways to group contacts either. It comes with a calendar but again this is extremely basic. You can see a screenshot of the email pane here. Like the other Lotus Engage services that I mentioned in an earlier post here, you can have a common file storage repository online up to 1 GB and the ability to instantly start a Web screen-sharing session from within your browser. There are a confusing array of services and prices here.iNotes will cost $36 a year and you can get a free 30-day trial by filing out this form.

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