How to Land an IT Job in Today's Uncertain Market

iSymmetry – The ability to land a job in this market requires extraordinary skill and diligence. In this podcast series, Bruce Culbert, CEO of iSymmetry, a consulting and talent acquisition services firm, offers advice to job seekers on how to become standout candidates and secure their ideal position.

This podcast series consists of five episodes:

Know Where to Hunt

What Industries are driving the greatest demand for IT professional today?

What are the hot skills and positions that are in demand in most all Industries?

How do you best prepare yourself for pursuing and landing that next opportunity?

(Listen now) 17:50 minutes

It's all about the Network

How to find the most attractive job opportunities for you now.

How to get in front of hiring managers.

How to leverage and successfully use online social networking, a must in today’s market.

(Listen now) 20 minutes

First Impressions are Lasting Impressions -- Resume and Interview Prep

How to best position your credentials in a winning resume.

How to communicate to hiring managers and respond to job opportunities.

How to Prepare and Practice for any type of interview

(Listen now) 21 minutes

Nail the Interview

How to identify the different types of interviews and what to expect.

What to research and prepare for in advance of each interview.

How to develop a winning Communication strategy for the interview

(Listen now) 14 minutes

Close the deal

How to create a post-interview action plan.

How to evaluate, negotiate and close an offer that best meets your needs.

How to successfully transition to your new position.

(Listen now) 23 minutes

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