Evernote Takes In Google Notebook Orphans

When sticky notes and bookmarks aren't enough, we look for ways to control information. Especially tricky are the infobits that come from everywhere, including the Web, e-mail, and documents we create. One good option for this organizing chore is Evernote. Even better, they have an easy process to import all data you may have in Google Notebook. This isn't just competition, it's continuity. Google will close their Notebook soon, and Evernote gives you a way to keep that your data easily.

I really like online tools for this type of chore because they're available no matter which computer you use. Synchronizing a Personal Information Manager (PIM) from your work computer to your home computer is a giant pain, as is using your desktop-bound PIM when traveling with a laptop. With Evernote, as long as you're online, you're organized and can capture and store data to your heart's content.

Since I had been trying Google Notebook, their announcement of “ceasing development” sounded like the beginning of the end. Evernote folks say they like Notebook and many used it before they created Evernote. So they made a fairly simple import utility to gather up your Notebook data before it goes to the GooglePlex in the sky.

Yahoo's Briefcase just announced a similar plan to close. I can't find information about how many users Briefcase had versus Google Notebook, but Briefcase has been around years longer and should have many users. If you're one of them, take a look at Evernote and their “freemium” plan. One advantage of paying for Evernote is the ability to synchronize files between computers and your Evernote folders.

Evernote handles more media types than Notebook and Briefcase, so it's a worthwhile upgrade no matter what. Add in the easy import tools, and your random but required infobits may have a new home.

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