SOHO businesses beware of 419 scam

Spam comes in all shapes and sizes. Besides the traditional email spam, spammers target forums, blogs, and now, for the first time I’ve seen them targeting Web 2.0 B2B sites with a variation of the old Nigerian 419 scam, this one involving advanced fee fraud. Small businesses and one-man shops should take note and beware of this activity.

The miracle of the Internet has made it possible for me to work at home exclusively, running my small one-man shop from my home office whilst wearing a bathrobe and slippers. And the wonderful thing about it is that there are many more people like myself out there, who do the same thing. One of the marvelous Web 2.0 inventions that enables me to continue putting my name out there is B2B networking sites, which connect businesses looking for contractors for projects, and the contractors who provide them. As a writer, consultant and analyst, I make good use of these B2B sites and have often gotten great projects from them. But scammers too are seeing these Web 2.0 sites as a new target to find their victims.

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