24-hour programming contest

Be a part of the adventure! Nine days to go for the registration period of the 9th BME International 24-hour Programming Contest! Registration is possible via the official website of the contest: http://challenge24.org, the deadline is 21th February, 2008. Teams of three can participate, but after registration it is possible to find teammates.

After applying, the contestants will have to participate in a preliminary round via Internet, held on 28th February between 10.00 and 15.00 (CET), during which they have to solve 7-10 algorithmic problems. The best 30 teams are invited to the finals at Budapest, which will take place between 1-3th May, 2009, all the participants will face with a single but extremely complex task.

There is no restriction for the used development environments, operating systems and written materials. Contestants are allowed to use their own computers during the onsite contest as well as on the electronic preliminary round, we provide only food and drink, a power outlet and network connection for the one-day-long challenge. Naturally any connection with the "outer world" is prohibited.

Tasks will be created by PhD students of BME, so the contestants can expect interesting and difficult problems to solve, like in the previous years. You can practice a little bit: details about an online judging system (where you can solve the problems from 2008) can be found on the website. To be successful on the contest, participants not only have to write program code fast and precisely, but they need to be familiar with various IT topics, and of course good team work is important too.

The total value of awards exceeds 5,000 €, and the best team can also take home the Challenge24 Cup.

Like the traditions of the contest, the organizers expect a lot of foreign contestants to apply. Last year 207 teams from 41 countries of 5 continents registered. Besides the high number of European contestants, some of them were from Brazil, United States, Australia and Japan and returned home with great experience.

Further information about the contest and the latest news are available on the official website: http://www.challenge24.org.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact with us at


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