He said what? (an oddly informative news quiz)

Does free software uniquely suit Cuba's politics? Is Silverlight the very picture of health? Who Twittered a secret trip to Iraq? Who won't be hacking OS X for prize money this year? Think you know? Test your knowledge in this week's quiz.

How it works: Match the quote to the quoted and rollover the ??? for answers.


The quotes

1. "Private software can have black holes and malicious codes that one doesn't know about. That doesn't happen with free software."

2. "The idea that Silverlight is in anything other than rude health is more to do with what Adobe would like to be the case, rather than what actually is the case."

3. "Just landed in Baghdad. I believe it may be first time I've had bb service in Iraq. 11th trip here."

4. "I'm really disappointed that there looks to be no Mac OS X target, as I'm really up to speed on that OS."

5. The president "reminded me that he sees the Intel logo every morning when he opens up his laptop; I was pleased to hear that."


The quoted

A. Apple vulnerability researcher Charlie Miller, who broke into a MacBook Air laptop in under two minutes to win $10,000 at last year's PWN2OWN hacking competition, expressing frustration that there would be no Mac OS X component in this year's competition.

B. Representative Peter Hoekstra, a high-ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, tweeting details of a secret congressional visit to Iraq.

C. Hector Rodriguez, dean of the School of Free Software at Cuba's University of Information Sciences, on the announcement that Cuba released its own distribution of the free Linux operating system. Rodriguez also said that free software better suits Cuba's politics.

D. Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini recounting a conversation in which President Obama gave Otellini kudos for pledging to invest $7B in chip plants in the U.S. The comment set of a firestorm of speculation about whether Obama has foresaken Macs for PCs.

E. Tim Sneath, director of the Windows and Silverlight technical evangelism team in a blog post responding to comments made by an Adobe exec that Silverlight has "fizzled" as a competitor to Flash.


Answer key

Rollover the ??? to reveal the answers

1 ??? 2 ??? 3 ??? 4 ??? 5 ???
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