Google it for them

Do you share office-space with someone who constantly asks you questions without ever making the slightest effort to find an answer on their own?

Doesn't that drive you crazy? They're sitting in front of the same internet that you are; but they're just too lazy to do a search.

Enter the site, Let Me Google That For You. Before I explain it, let's give it a try. Say that pesky office mate wants to watch Joachim Phoenix's bizarre appearance on David Letterman.

So he or she yells over the cubicle wall, "Hey, you have a link to that Phoenix video?"

"Sure," you say, "I'll IM it to you."

And you IM this link to the lazy one: (Go ahead, click it now, then come back.)

It isn't subtle, but with this kind of co-worker, subtle often doesn't work. Turning the destination link into a tinyurl isn't required, but it adds to the surprise factor. You may as well get a chuckle out of this while you're at it.

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