Registering your deal

The theory behind deal registration is solid. It lets you keep track of your own deals, and protect your leads from being poached by other resellers, or worse, by the vendor itself.

Yet, dissatisfaction with deal registration programs remains high. It seems like such a simple concept, I have to wonder why sometimes it doesn't work. An interesting piece on the Channel Sales blog talks about why these programs fail. What it seems to come down to is that VARs just lose interest in them when the vendor doesn't provide any incentive for it to continue.

A deal registration system is more than just something for record-keeping, but vendors may just leave it at that. There may be no reward involved. And if there's no reward for registering a deal--if it's nothing more than record-keeping--VARs aren't going to want to play, and why should they? VARs want to spend their time selling, and providing solutions. Everything else just takes away from that.

According to the article, lack of incentive is one of the greatest reasons for failure of deal registration systems. Is anybody able to register any deal? What if you are an incumbent in a customer relationship, can anybody else just swoop in and beat you to the punch? And what if you register a deal, put in the legwork, and then a cheaper competitor comes in and takes the sale? Do you still get some reward for your effort because you were registered? Not always, it depends on the diligence of the vendor.

VARs, how do you feel about deal registration, and has it brought you any benefit?

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