Apple maybe not recession-proof after all

So, uh, remember a couple of days ago when I speculated that Apple might be recession-proof? It turns out that most financial observers do not look at a decline in sales of a few percentage points and see good news! Rather, their news stories are about how they interepret such a dip as a bad thing! Shocking, I know. While Macs overall are doing better than Windows PCs, it's worth noting that iMac sales are looking particularly anemic when compared to Windows-based competitors, no doubt largely because that line hasn't been renewed in so long.

Nevertheless, this is in the context of an overall declining industry, and analysts believe Apple will "muddle through" -- not words shareholders and executives want to hear, but surely better than "go bankrupt." And the idea that an exciting, high-flying new iPhone is in the offing to make more money for Apple got a boost with a report that the company is buying up all the flash memory it can to prepare the onslaught.

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