Limited Edition Red XBox 360 inbound

Gamers this morning were treated to news of a new Xbox 360® Resident Evil Limited Edition Console Bundle (announced via the Spotlight section of XBox Live dashboard). The limited edition console celebrates the launch of the first of Capcom's Resident Evil games to hit the platform.

Internally this appears to be a standard XBox 360 Elite system with a 120 gig hard drive. In addition to the console and the usual array of accessories, you'll get a red (instead of black) wireless controller to match the console, as well as a copy of Resident Evil 5 (rated M) and codes to download an exclusive Resident Evil theme and a copy of Capcom's Super Street Fighter® ll Turbo HD Remix. The bundle will be available on March 13th (Friday the 13th), the same day that the stand-alone Resident Evil 5 game becomes available. Price has been set at $399 US.

That's the same price as the normal black XBox 360 Elite, which comes widely bundled with two games, LEGO Indiana Jones and Kung-Fu Panda. Clearly a more family-friendly bundle, but neither of these titles are exactly hot items in the gaming world.

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