Facebook "System Error Check" malware

There's a nasty Facebook application making the rounds that sends you a bogus notification saying that a friend couldn't see your profile. If you get a notification that says: {insert friend's name} has faced some errors when checking your profile View The Errors Message just ignore it! Do not install the recommended "Error Check System" application — it is a trojan that will spam all your friends with the same false notification.

Graham Cluley at Sophos.com has a post with more details and steps to uninstall the application (or any application, for that matter) in the event that you read this post too late.

But wait! There's more. Not only is this Facebook application causing problems, but if you Google "Error Check System" and get a result from 2009022118.kuj2doo.bee.pl, do not click on the results link. A second Cluley post explains that the link will initiate a fake virus scan and try to fool you into installing some malware disguised as anti-virus software. To quote Cluley: "Sophos detects the malware the fake anti-virus product attempts to install as Sus/FakeAV-A and Troj/FakeAV-LL."

I encourage you to carefully read both of Mr. Cluley's posts as they are both useful and interesting. And spread the word of this issue to any of your friends who use Facebook!

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