Go to Las Vegas ASAP

One of the big lessons I learned last week at the Altiris / Symantec ManageFusion conference was how welcoming Las Vegas has become during these economic times. If you have a vacation coming soon, check out Vegas for yourself. If you haven't been there in years, or have only been there as an attendee with no free time, go back. If you haven't taken your significant other with you in the last ten years, go back now before the prices get back to normal.

Remember when airline prices jumped up last summer with gasoline prices? They're down now, lower than they have been in years. Add in the fact that regular traffic always makes it possible to get to Vegas from any city with a good regular price, throw in some extra discount for the slow economy, and flying once again becomes cheaper than driving.

The ManageFusion conference was at the MGM Grand, one of the top spots on Vegas. Even after some of the new hotels have opened in the past few years, the MGM stays in the Top 5 of great Vegas destinations. Of course, Top 5 always meant pricey, but not now.

A friend of mine heard a guy checking in beside him get quoted a rate of $75 per night. That's at the MGM Grand. That's cheaper than I could get last fall going to see my daughter in college at Texas State, just south of Austin.

When a room at a fleabag highway motel costs more than a room at one of the top spots in Vegas, something is wrong. Pricing structures are upside down. Get out to Vegas and look around and have fun before they come to their senses and the prices jump back up.

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