Caption contest winner

We received a lot of very funny caption contest entries this week, but none that cracked us up quite like The Toast in the Machine's circular career path. For making us (and hopefully you) laugh, he'll be receiving a $25 Amazon gift card.

The winning caption

Well... The bright side is that you can SEE that your career is going nowhere.

by The Toast in the Machine

The orginal cartoon

IT Underworld

Honorable mentions

  • It is the latest in F.O.A. - Fitness Oriented Architecture

    by TroutAsylum
  • The guys from Microsoft just dropped it off -- it's the new Vista Upgrade simulator.

    by Ristone64
  • No, seriously... This is how you start Windows 7.

    by mulderjoe
  • Watch what you say to our engineers here... they seem to have misunderstood when I told them I wanted a big wheel for my son.

    by rmanning
  • This is our programmer "stimulus" package - if you write enough code, you don't have to power servers all afternoon.

    by ahndymac
  • New from Nintendo the "Wii Exersize Wheel". We call it the "WEW" for short.

    by Archerdude
  • It's simple, really. The programmer goes in here, the coffee pot in front, and voila! Reduced power and healthcare costs.

    by creeksiden

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