Robot model waddles down the runway

She walks, talks, and smiles, can't do even the most basic housework, and will be appearing nude in a Tokyo fashion show. But HRP-4C isn't your typical model.

You see, since she isn't ready to work alongside humans, helping them in any meaningful way, her developers thought she should set her sights lower and be a fashion model. I mean, sure, she's made mostly of plastic and doesn't eat anything, but modeling demands more than that.

Like, say, height. And looks. "Even as a fashion model," says Hirohisa Hirukawa, "people in the industry told us she was short and had a rather ordinary figure."

So, her modeling dreams dashed, HRP-4C instead will be used mainly to entertain the masses. Hey, it's sort of like being a real model. Just ask the car show girls.

Oh, and that "runway hog" thing, that's totally not her fault. She's hasn't passed safety standards that would let her share the runway with humans.

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