It's April Fools' Day: Be careful out there!

April Fools' Day is upon of once again. And whether you love it or hate it, you need to be prepared for it. The "fun" part of this holiday is watching other people make fools of themselves by buying into a hoax, not being the one that everyone is laughing at. We don't want to see another episode like the one that surrounded the fake Twitter premium account story at BBSpot! (Speaking of which, read Brian Brigg's April Fools' followup in which he explains that his joke article was all part of a master plan by Twitter CEO Ev Williams. And sorry Brian, you can't fool ITworld readers!) The bottom line is, depending on your situation, you don't want to end up looking gullible on this of all days. So today, think not twice, but three times before sharing any amazing stories you come across!

With that warning out of the way, even a curmudgeon like me can admit that April Fools' Day can be fun. Google is always a good place to start. CADIE is their big one this year (it stands for "Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity" and you should be sure to read this 'monograph' as well as visiting CADIE's own homepage (warning: mute your volume if you're at the office). CADIE will help you manage your gmail too, apparently. Just what we need.

It's early in the US and I'm sure the fun has just begun and people will be finding new goofs all day long. Let's share the good ones, properly tagged as April Fool's pranks so we protect our more gullible friends from making themselves look silly.On Twitter, it looks like the accepted hashtag for today is #afd (or alternatively #aprilfools, which seems like a waste of our precious 140 characters). If you find any gems, please share them in the comments below!

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