IDC SaaS Summit

I would like to invite readers to join me at the IDC Software as a Service Summit in New York on March 26.  The conference is being held at the Millennium Broadway Hotel in the heart of Manhattan.

The intent of the conference is to bring executives and users together to discuss the business value of SaaS implementations. The summit will address the next generation of end-to-end solutions and platforms in the market.  Getting its start in CRM and collaborative products, SaaS has matured to offer companies a broader and deeper set of business solutions. The expanded service offers provide companies the opportunity to more tightly integrate business processes, improve security at all levels, and enhance employee satisfaction by enabling any time , any where, any device data access.

Summit participants will hear from existing SaaS users on the business value proposition of working in the cloud.  There are real world examples of robust security, improved business process flows, and integrating on-site and on-demand applications.  Participants have the opportunity to learn from other firms how to integrate multiple SaaS platforms as well as what to consider when evaluating SaaS vendors.

The one day summit is designed to facilitate networking and interaction with other executives who are also considering SaaS for their firms. It is a good venue to share your concerns and thoughts, as well as gather valuable information and clear up misconceptions on what SaaS can and cannot provide your business.

I will be leading a panel discussion on security in the SaaS environment.  This is a hot topic in light of recent press coverage on security issues and security breaches of working in the cloud, the most recent being with Google Apps. This is a classic example of you-get-what-you-pay-for and free is the going rate for Google Apps. Because of the Google breach the Federal Trade Commission is considering additional regulations for providers. One extreme organization is even calling for shutting down cloud computing until the government can define guidelines for providers. The Google environment is not business grade cloud computing. The panel will discuss what security elements a firm needs to include in its evaluation of SaaS vendors.  We will cover why additional government regulation is unnecessary.

The summit also provides attendees access to IDC analysts for one-on-one conversations. The analysts have extensive experience in research and analysis of SaaS vendors, platforms, and best practices.  They have had hundreds of conversations with users and can share implementation strategies and methodologies for ensuring a successful SaaS initiative.

It is going to be a great summit and I look forward to your participation.

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