Vista Gets Control Alt Delete from Texas Politician

I love being a Texan. I don't love explaining Texas politics to outsiders, but now I have to. It appears a member of the Texas State Senate added a rider to the budget, proposed and argued about every two years here. ComputerWorld's headline of “Texas State Senate Bans Vista From Use in Government Agencies” isn't quite correct yet, but that's the intent of Sen. Juan Hinojosa, a Democrat from south Texas.

Nothing in Senator Hinojosa's bio makes it clear he's a computer technology expert, but lack of knowledge never stopped a politician, at least in Texas. We're the state that makes a huge deal about “No Child Left Behind” for schools but has the largest number, in total numbers and percentage, of children not covered under any type of health insurance.

Hey, Senator Hinojosa, if you're vice chairman of the Finance Committee, quit bashing Microsoft and Vista and extend medical coverage to the rest of our children. Those of us in the technology biz can give Vista a hard time without your help.

Almost makes me feel sorry for Microsoft, and that's really hard to do. Yo, Bill and Steve, come to Texas and the barbecue's on me. Then I'll ask my own questions about Vista.

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