Alleged MacBook mini netbook image appears online – It may have more to do with Adobe than Apple, but a MacBook mini netbook has appeared online claiming to be the real thing.

Probably the work of a fairly gifted Photoshopper, pictures started to appear here and here over the weekend with Apple news site 9to5Mac hosting images reportedly from a Russian magazine.

According to the specs listed by 9to5Mac, the alleged MacBook mini includes a 10.4in display, which would place it in the netbook sized category of laptops.

Despite the popularity of netbooks from the likes of Asus and MSI, Apple has so far resisted introducing one. That might all change if rumours of Far East deals to supply a MacBook mini or MacBook nano prove true.

Earlier this month, Chinese-language newspaper Commercial Times, implied Apple already had deals with manufacturers underway, with Wintek supplying touchscreen panels and Quanta Computer providing much of the rest of the netbook.

Opinion posted by readers on the 9to5Mac site point to some tell-tale signs that Photoshop plays a part in the images. Despite those concerns it does offer some hints of how a MacBook mini might look should Apple ever release one for public consumption.

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