'I Agree' to you spamming me

Text message spam is particularly annoying to people who have phone plans like mine, where you have to pay for incoming messages. When spam comes through my email, at least I can delete it and don't have to shoulder any additional burden; when it comes in the form of a text message to my cell phone, I have to pay for the inconvenience.

A report carried on the Computer Crime Research Center referred to an article, originally printed in "The Sovereign Society", which brings to light some startling new policies for those who use American Express cards. Effective April 2, American Express can phone-spam, or text-message-spam you at any number to which you have even a remote connection. AMEX sent a new notice of terms, which users must agree to or cancel their account. In other words, if you want to keep your plastic, you have to agree to the terms. Read the rest of this spam article>>

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