ViddyHo Phishing Scam

Last month, many users of Google’s GoogleChat service found themselves preyed upon as potential victims to the ViddyHo worm phishing scam. The phishing scam was using a come-on approach and sent messages to some users of the online chat service from someone appearing to be one of their contacts. Although the latest phishing scam was using a chat service there is always the potential for such phishing scams to resurface through email.

In this case the scammers used the traditional bait of prompting a user to click on a link from, a service that shrinks URLs for easy sharing on sites like Twitter. Victims were then directed to the ViddyHo Web site where they were asked for their Google login information. Once the user had “logged in” they unwittingly opened up their contact list for the worm to spread. Read the full phishing scam article>>

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