PC industry focuses on value and low cost

The Recession has put us in a bargain-hunting mentality. Luxury goods are always wonderful, but the rich are embarrassed to buy them any more. The only retailers that are doing well are the dollar stores and Wal-Mart. Could it be that our consumer society is reforming into a nation of cheapskates? As a cheapskate myself, I can't complain about the trend. I get household cleaning supplies for example, from the dollar store for a buck, and it's the same stuff they sell elsewhere for five bucks in a different bottle. In that spirit, I have to say that Microsoft is on the right track with its recent TV ads that focus on the price aspect of Windows PCs versus the Mac.

The general trend for PCs has been to add more power and decrease cost at the same time--and lately, PC makers have started to discover that some users don't really need all the bells and whistles after all. The low end of the market is looking a lot more attractive, and it's only a matter of time before they start selling netbook computers at the dollar store.

Acer and Nvidia jsut put out a new announcement that they claim will "reshape" the PC landscape. The first NVIDIA ION-based PC, called the Acer AspireRevo, is described as a "fully capable desktop with advanced graphics and impressive multimedia features." the system is capable of handling high definition video and gaming, and everything else you usually expect from a full-sized system. But it's small, about the size of a hardcover book.

There's no word on pricing yet, but it's going to be cheap. Ubergizmo predicts the price to be set at between $350 and $450.

The new AspireRevo supports Windows Vista home premium, boasts 1080 HD video, DirectX 10 graphics, and accelerated video enhancement. The NVIDIA ION graphics processor provides up to 10x faster graphics performance than other systems, which will make this low-cost box great for gamers.

the product is described as a "nettop," a sort of mini-PC along the lines of a netbook

Analysts quoted in EChannelLine say accurately, that users want three things form their PCs: they want to be proud of them, they want efficiency, and they want affordability without having to make sacrifices. Ultimately, the product is likely to become very popular with price-conscious shoppers--and it may have some affect on the industry as a whole in terms of pushing prices lower all around.

The product will be available in the third quarter of this year.

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