Social networking and microblogging can be a VAR's best friend

Or not, depending on how you use it. I'm still amazed that Twitterers still think that sending out a microblog notice to tell everyone what they're eating or watching on TV, or communicating the unfortunate details of their latest hangover, is a useful thing to do. For the most part, looking at the Twitter updates on my account is nothing more than a word salad of time-wasting miscellany.

There have been more than a handful of articles on how to use Twitter as a business advantage, and yes indeed, if you can get past all the garbage and resist the temptation to fill up your Twitter account with the verbal detritus that seems to be the status quo for many users, then it can enhance your business.

It is, or can be, a good way to connect with your customers, potential customers, and partners, or even as a tool for getting feedback from customers. has seen the light and harnessed the potential of Twitter, incorporating it into its CRM application, to give it's users' customers the ability to send direct feedback. And for many VARs, Twitter can be a useful traffic-driving "teaser" that incorporates a TinyURL link to another web site.

A ChannelInsider piece recommends being persistent with it, using it daily to gain attention and build volume. The traffic volume generated through Twitter is likely to represent only a minority of your overall traffic, but then again, it doesn't take much time to send a Tweet. Keep it in mind for one of multiple marketing tools in your toolbox for keeping customers in the loop. Have any of you VARs out there had success in using Twitter in this way? Let's hear your experiences.

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