Which Techie should run General Motors

Rich Wagoner, the GM man in full with 31-years at the battered giant, is on his way out of the General courtesy of the federal government. So, if the exec that grew up in the company can't make the big change needed, how about a techie? Let's take a look at the stack of resumes.

1. Steve Jobs. This one was making the rounds a couple of weeks ago. I don't think so, let's just say his strong point isn't as a consensus builder.

2. Sun's Jonathan Schwartz. In 2004, he suggested automakers should give cars away for free and make their money via subscription services like Internet access, etc. That turned out to be a whole lot better idea than building cars no one wanted. I'm not sure Detroit is ready for the ponytail.

3. Scott McNealy. He hasn't been raising too much of a ruckus since he stepped away from day to day at Sun. But, he has a Detroit background and once played golf with Lee Iacocca. I'm thinking he would do a good job. I'm thinking you wouldn't see too many Microsoft systems in Detroit.

4. Larry Ellison. He know a lot about fast cars, fast boats, fast planes and big databases. I can't see him negotiating with the UAW.

5. S. Ramadorai. You are probably saying, "Who is he?" He is the CEO of Tata Consultancy Services. Now Tata, under the big boss Ratan Tata, has come up with an (approximately) $2,500 car in India. Now that would be a game changer in the U.S.

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