Company offers to pay teen's $5K cell phone bill; wants 'smart texting' essay

You may have heard about 13 year old Dena Christoffersen of Cheyenne, Wyo. She's the teen who rang up a nearly $5,000 cell phone bill by sending and receiving approximately 700 texts per day over the course of about 30 days, adding up to a whopping 20,000+ text messages.

Her father responded as any sane parent would -- by smashing her phone with a hammer.

But Predicto Mobile has another idea. In exchange for a 1,000 word essay on the subject of "smart texting" (a subject that little Dena will have to spend a fair amount of time familiarizing herself with), the mobile entertainment community will pay the full balance of the bill.

The essay will be posted on the Predicto Mobile's blog as a way for parents and teen texters to learn from the costly error.

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