Skype on the iPhone

Skype plans to launch its iPhone software on Tuesday, which will allow users to make free calls via WiFi to other Skype users. Users will also be able to make calls to landline phones at low fees. Skype already has versions of its VoIP software for Nokia, Windows Mobile, and Google Android; a BlackBerry version is also in the works.

Am I missing something here? You already have a phone with you that has a cellular plan, which you are required to pay for. AT&T won't let you make your Skype calls on cellular, you have to use WiFi for it. It seems as though the addition of VoIP doesn't add much value, since you already have to pay for the cell plan anyway. Don't get me wrong, I think VoIP is great. But I'd like to see a smartphone that lets you just use VoIP and bypass the otherwise mandatory carrier plan altogether. Will Apple ever give that to us? Fat chance. But I suppose it has its uses. It could be handy for when you need to make those calls overseas while you're sitting in Starbucks.

The Skype iPhone app is strictly WiFi, you can't make calls over the cellular network. However, you can chat with Skype friends, and it will use the iPhone's address book and display your contacts' photos. Skype for iPhone doesn't have all the features of the main version, but for those of who who think you can make some use out of this, it does the job.

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