CA unveils Compliance Manager for z/OS for mainframe policy control

CA Wednesday unveiled Compliance Manager for z/OS, software that works in tandem with any of three mainframe access-control products -- CA's Access Control Facility or Top Secret plus IBM's Resource Control Access Control Facility -- to boost real-time monitoring and policy control on data.

Compliance Manager for z/OS seeks to automate a lot of policy-compliance processes that might have required inspection and manual labor by mainframe experts, says David Hodgson, senior vice president in CA's mainframe business unit.

And the CA security software can also gauge what activities systems programmers can carry out and report via alerts if a policy-control guideline is violated.

"The system programmer has access to a core data set of operating data sets," Hodgson says. "Once you monitor those data sets, we detect all changes. We capture the ‘before' and ‘after' image of the changes. You'll know what they changed and what security rules apply."

CA's Compliance Manager for z/OS also records modifications to ACF2, Top Secret and RACF, determining if the security and access-control packages are being continuously used in accordance with the predetermined policy. This process is expected to help support compliance with regulatory regimes such as the Payment Card Industry guidelines.

Compliance Manager for z/OS, which is integrated with CA's Unicenter Service Desk, later this summer will also gain a set of Application Programming Interfaces that can be used in other help desk products, CA says.

Compliance Manager for z/OS starts at $44,270.

This story, "CA unveils Compliance Manager for z/OS for mainframe policy control" was originally published by Network World.

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