News Flash: Cisco Lowers UC500 Pricing

You heard it here first: Cisco's Small Business Technology Group is dropping the price of some of their UC500 products. Providing voice, data, video, security, and even a wireless connection option, Cisco's UC500 products bring (PR speak warning) “unified communications to the small business customer.” At least this new Cisco group has the right idea of company size, and is aiming at companies with 100 or fewer employees.

The yet to be announced price breaks aren't huge, ranging from 10% - 15% depending on the product in question. However, Cisco's approach to small business in the past has been a bit stiff and awkward since our world is foreign to them.

Some of the products from consumer and small business device vendor Linksys will be folded into the Small Biz Tech Group, mostly the Linksys Pro products. The Linksys name will remain on the consumer specific product lines.

Katie from Cisco promised me this isn't just another case of an enterprise vendor toying with the small business market until the big companies crank their budgets back into high gear. In fact, look for some interesting news about Cisco video conferencing products and product updates for small businesses coming in June.

Do me a favor, and leave a comment on your feelings about Cisco. Do you believe they're serious about your business? Does the Cisco name bring to mind high quality, or high prices? What could Cisco tell you to make you consider them for your next network products purchase?

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