BlackBerry Tips: Use Folders to Unclutter Your Smartphone –

BlackBerry smartphones come with a default set of folders for users to store software, including RIM's own standard tools--like its Calculator and Memo Pad applications--as well as third party apps and games. The four main app storage folders are Applications, Games, Instant Messaging and Downloads--at least if your BlackBerry is running OS v4.6 or higher.

Applications is where all RIM's native apps live; Games is for, well, games; a number of IM programs, including AIM and Google Talk, can be found in Instant Messaging; and any and all new apps you may acquire land in Downloads.

That's all fine and good for new BlackBerry owners, but thanks to the recent release of BlackBerry App World, RIM's mobile software store, getting your hands on new software has never been easier. And those four folders fill up and become disorganized awfully quick.

Luckily, you can create your own BlackBerry folders, which can be organized in the way that best suits your needs, in just a few simple steps. Once you're a master of the BlackBerry folder, check out my "BlackBerry Bible" for more valuable tips and tricks.

Adding New BlackBerry Folders

Creating a new BlackBerry folder for storing applications or other data takes just three steps.

One: On your icon- or application-screen, click the BlackBerry Menu key, which is located directly to the left of your trackball.

Two: Choose Add Folder from the options in the corresponding pop-up menu, and choose a name for your new addition.

Three: Click the Icon section of the Add Folder screen, and pick the color or graphic that best fits the folder's intended purpose.

Voila! A new BlackBerry folder should now appear on your icon screen. Should you wish to modify the folder's name, color or graphic in the future, simply scroll over it, hit the BlackBerry Menu key again, and choose Edit Folder.

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