Ixia to demo 100G Ethernet at Interop

At Interop next week, test vendor Ixia says it will transmit and receive Ethernet traffic at 100Gbps through a CFP Multi-Source Agreement optical module.

The CFP MSA module, referred to as "K2," is capable of transmitting and receiving full-line-rate 100Gbps Ethernet traffic, Ixia says. K2 defines the form factor of a hot-swappable optical transceiver supporting 40/100G Ethernet and uses transceiver electrical interface consisting of multiple 10 Gbps lanes.

Ixia says the module is the first to support next-generation Ethernet optical transceiver interfaces for both 100G Ethernet and 40G Ethernet. The IEEE is currently defining the standard for 40/100G Ethernet, called 802.3ba. Pre-standard products are expected to emerge late this year

Ixia says its demonstration will showcase the feasibility of pluggable optics for both 40/100G Ethernet.

This story, "Ixia to demo 100G Ethernet at Interop" was originally published by Network World.

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