Deep Agile 2009 Seminar, Cambridge, MA, April 25-26

If you're in the Boston area this weekend, you might want to attend 'Deep Agile 2009: Agile for Embedded Systems' - a 2 day seminar organized by Boston's Agile Bazaar, a non-profit group that fosters an understanding of Agile techniques for software development and project management.

The event is scheduled for April 25-26 and will take place at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA.

Note: Discounted hardship tickets (priced at $75.00) are available for those who are unemployed, about to become unemployed, or who have some similarly difficult circumstance.

Don't wait. It's first-come-first-served. Please contact Agile Bazaar and include "hardship request" in the subject to request a hardship discount.

According the release, this is the first ever multi-day seminar to focus solely on Agile methods for the development of embedded systems. Embedded software revenues worldwide have been growing at a 16% average annual rate for the past 5 years, yet Agile methodologies have made few inroads there. Notable exceptions exist, such as Key Technology Inc. where agile practices have been delivering bug-free embedded software for over ten years. Russel Hill, a senior software engineer at Key, will present case studies from his work. Jack Ganssle, a highly respected embedded industry consultant, and James Grenning, an agile coach specializing in embedded systems, will also be speaking throughout the two days.

Further details are available at Agile Bazaar's website.

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