Four BlackBerry apps you can live without (but won't want to)

The BlackBerry universe is rife with useful applications -- apps that will let you check your bank accounts, buy and sell stocks, lead you home when you are lost, and some that just make using a BlackBerry a more satisfying experience. The following applications do not fall in this category. Instead, these tools are purely for your enjoyment. (Or, if you need a bathroom in a hurry.)

Sometimes you're away from home and you get a call. Oh yes, it's nature calling. And you're in unfamiliar territory. What to do, what to do. Call up the remarkable, and free, application called, "SitOrSquat"!

Need to find a toilet? Like, right NOW? SitOrSquat will use your GPS (or you can enter an address manually) to locate a toilet. The application has star-based ratings to determine the toilet's quality. After relief, you can rate the toilet. You can also add toilets that are not in the application's database.

Now, suppose you are out in the middle of nowhere, at night, and there isn't an available restroom for miles. You decide to use the "squat" method. How will you find your way into the dark woods without tripping down a hill, landing in a stream and ruining your suit (this one's from my 'real stories' file)? Enter Flashlight! for BlackBerry. For just $1.99, this application will turn your BlackBerry Storm into a portable flashlight. See? Not just a clever name. You are also able to use this application as a mirror (to spruce up after your excursion). Flashlight! will allow your Storm to stay lit for up to 30 minutes. So don't dawdle too long.

Falling down a hill is a pretty funny story to tell your friends. But what could make it even better? That's right: sound effects. Link-two has not only developed the aforementioned Flashlight!, but they have taken the time to create the Fart Machine for BlackBerry. Need I say more? No? Phew. (Except, hurry. FartMachine is costs just $.99 through the end of May, then the price shoots to $2.99)

If your rather base sense of humor doesn't win your audience over, you may need to rely on some standard humor. If you're like me and can't remember jokes to save your life, fear not. Link-two has once again come to the rescue with JokeJukeBox. For just $1.49, you'll have enough lawyer, blonde and potty jokes to convince your friends you are, indeed, Shecky Greene.

Are there more apps like this out there? Please share your findings with me.

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