Google Suffers Another Service Outage

Google is dealing with another service outage Monday impacting users around the world. Monday's service outage, which began at approximately 8:30AM EDT, appears to be impacting only Google's popular Google News service. As of this writing (9:44AM EDT) it has not been fully resolved and when people try to access Google News they are met with a "503 Server Error" message and a "Please try again in 30 seconds. Others can access Google News, but the site is not displaying pages correctly or when links to other Google News categories are clicked on more Server Error messages are delivered.

The outage has been reported by users in California and Massachusetts and as far away as Sydney, Australia, India, and the United Kingdom. Twitter is also lighting up with users complaining of the outage.

There are no reported problems of Google News in some parts of the world such as Tel Aviv, Israel. Other Google services, such as, Gmail, and YouTube appear to be working fine. This latest hiccup by Google does in no way appear to be as severe or as a widespread as Google's service outage earlier this month. However this latest Google stumble tarnishes, yet again, the company's image as one of the most reliable Internet companies.

This story, "Google Suffers Another Service Outage" was originally published by PCWorld.

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