Long Island to get "nation's fastest downstream broadband"

That "summer office" in The Hamptons just got a lot more appealing, as Long Island, NY internet service provider Cablevision has announced its new Optimum Online Ultra service, scheduled to go live in May. When it does, it will "deliver the nation’s fastest downstream broadband connections" according to Cablevision. How fast is that? Up to 101 Mbps (with 15 Mbps upstream), with no bandwidth caps mentioned. The price? $99.95/month.

These speeds are attained via the same DOCSIS 3.0 technology that Comcast is in the process of rolling out, and that Time Warner Cable is in the process of withholding in light of its failure to introduce tiered pricing.

This is probably the first time that broadband providers had to caution that home routers should be gigabit rated in order to take full advantage of their service. All that old 10/100 gear is finally too slow even for home use, at least on Long Island.

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