Yes, the cops can see Facebook too

Say your parents are going to be out of town, leaving you all alone in a great big house. What's a red-blooded American teen to do? Throw a party, of course. And not just any party... a "History Making House Party".

And nothing says history-making like inviting all your Facebook friends (and friends of friends). Or at least that's what 22-year-old Christopher Phalen and 19-year-old Cassandra Phalen thought. But as it turns out, when 46 of their underage friends replied to the Facebook invite that they planned to attend the momentous event, a concerned citizen notified the cops.

Also, the Phalen kids maybe should have left out the part that read: "P.S., don't worry about the cops because I have a police scanner so I will have the heads up if they come." So 30 minutes after it started the party was shut down, which maybe made history afterall.

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