Memorial Day weekend rumor roundup!

You probably are spending your Memorial Day weekend enjoying the sun or just relaxing on your day off. (If you need some help unplugging -- or vacationing while staying plugged in, I can offer some assistance.) But if what you want to do with your three-day weekend is dwell about some Apple rumors that have gone from "simmer" to "boil vigorously," well, who am I to tell you you're wrong? Here are three rumors for you -- try not to spend more than 24 hours on each.

  • The Apple tablet is totally a real thing, guys! TechCrunch says so! It won't arrive until 2010, so you have months and months of this speculation to hear about until then (won't that be fun). None of the details they've come up with are much different from what you've already heard, or even very detailed -- 7 or 9 or maybe 10-inch screen, multi-touch-specialized UI, OS based on iPhone OS or maybe not, priced between the iPhone and the MacBook, etc. More far out (and more laughable, to me) is the assertion of "how seriously consumers want a device like this. It is the perfect couch computing device and will create a whole new category of computers." Or, you know, everyone will decide that $600 is a little much for something they can't really type on. (Note to couch enthusiasts: laptops work on couches as well!)

  • Daring Fireball's Jon Gruber weaves a magical tale about the new iPhone, based on his secret sources. Again, nothing here is dramatic: faster and better processors and more RAM (though Apple won't be publicizing those specs, just like it doesn't now), more storage (which will be heavily promoted), better camera with video capabilities. Maybe a (slightly) smaller and cheaper iPhone as well. Maybe.

  • AT&T is seriously considering cheaper capped data plans for the iPhone and other smartphones, according to actual AT&T executives. They say it's to gain market share among people who don't want to shell out $30 a month for data (at $20 a month, they save a whopping $120 a year!) but you and I both know that it's all about staving off the collapse of their wireless network.

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