What Do You Really Want to Know?

I'm polishing a new keynote speech for the Dallas ITEC tomorrow. My gimmick this time? I'm asking the audience what they want to hear about. I'll put up 10 topics, we'll vote, and I'll go through the most popular ones in order until we've run out of time.  

The first topic is determining your Data Safety Score. My partner and I have come up with a way to grade small businesses on the safety of their data. More on that soon.

My voting topics are:

Data Safety Score

The Pirate Backup System

Choosing the Right Technology

SaaS – Your Company in the Cloud

BSA Says Your Software Isn't Legal

Social Media – Smart or Stupid?

More Work with Less Email

Trend – Smaller, Smarter, Synched

Affordable Full Disk Encryption

Free Open Source Software

I have slides ready with talking points on all these subjects. If just two or three topics get all the votes, then we'll drill down pretty deeply.

Which subjects would you vote for if you were in the audience? What are your top three? Which of these aren't important to you?

Use the comment space and let me know. I'll report back and tell you what the audience in Dallas felt was most important to their small business technology needs.

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