Job outlook for new graduates - what hiring managers want

This year's graduates seem well aware that they face a challenging career landscape, with companies much more likely to be making job cuts than hiring. Some quantification is lent to that perception by CareerBuilder's Annual College Job Forecast survey, conducted online in the first quarter of this year among 2,543 hiring managers and human resources professionals.

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CareerBuilder notes that there are opportunities, even in this economy, and one of the most important things for setting one applicant apart from the rest is relevant experience. That isn't restricted to professional work experience. In fact, employers surveyed said that the following activities would be considered pertinent work experience for recent college graduates to include on their résumés:

* Internships

* Part-time jobs in other areas or fields

* Volunteer work

* Involvement in school organizations

* Class work

* Involvement in managing activities for sororities or fraternities

* Participation in sports

And when asked to list the worst mistakes recent college graduates make during the application and interview process, the hiring managers and HR pros cited the following:

* Acting bored or cocky: 63%

* Not dressing appropriately: 61%

* Coming to the interview with no knowledge of the company: 58%

* Not turning off electronic devices: 50%

* Not asking good questions: 49%

* Asking about the pay too early in the process: 38%

* Spamming employers with a résumé and cover letter: 21%

* Failing to remove unprofessional photos or content on social networking sites and other Web pages: 19%

* Not sending a thank-you note after the interview: 12%

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