Top 10: Best programming fonts, ways to start a geek argument, irrational Twitter behaviors

10 Best fonts for programming

Do you spend time pondering the relative merits of Ariel over Lucida Sans for your text editor? You may not be alone -- by which I mean there's at least one other person who has given this more than a few minutes of thought -- and that person is Craig Buckler, author of a blog post on the subject. [ via Sitepoint ]

10 Ways to start a geek argument

Geek "discussions" can get pretty heated. (I've read Slashdot; I know whereof I speak.) If you're the kind of sicko who likes to pick fights, try kicking off a conversation with one of these gems: "Comic books are just for kids." or "I don’t see what’s so bad about DRM." Go on. I dare you. [ via Wired ]

10 Irrational Twitter behaviors

There are lots of things we do on Twitter that in real life brands you as either a loon or a loser. Like speaking in 140-character non sequiturs. Or 'walking into a crowd on Friday morning and shouting out the names of eight best friends.' [ via Constructive Grumpiness ]

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