An iPhone app that's better than your brain

I probably don't have to mention this to those who know me, but for the benefit of new readers: my brain is mush. I have one year old twins at home who are walking all the time and teething is keeping them (and us) up all night. Of course, this could be just an excuse for my cerebral squishiness. Either way, I find myself having to write things down. If only there were some sort of neural enhancer I could use to make my life and the lives of those around me less aggravating.

Enter NeuroMobile for the iPhone. The company behind this application is EnPlay, The Cornell/Stanford educated CEO co-holds a patent on internet database information organization. So, a smart dude. His company created an application for myself and my dad (my dad is tremendously intelligent. But it's not the processor - it's the storage) that will allow easy access to your life's important information. The method of "remembering" this information is derived from keywords about the memory.

Suppose, for example, I saw this tremendous show on TV, just in passing. I enter the name of the program into my NeuroMobile app, along with some "clues" about the program. A month later, when I'm trying to tell someone about this show, I can type in what I remember about the show and NeuroMobile will remember it for me. This is very cool, but so far...I can do the same thing with Google.

But what about something that wouldn't be easy to find? Suppose I was at a trade show and I met a rep that I wanted to contact later. I am horrible at remembering names (a condition pre-dating mushbrain). So after meeting the rep, I would enter his name, company, the trade show, the fact he was 9 feet tall with green skin and antennae (or some other distinguishing features). Later on, I see the same guy at a local restaurant and want to say hello...but of course I can't remember his name. I call up NeuroMobile and type in "antennae" and there's his name right there on my screen. I can go up to him and say, "Hey there Mr. Bloopbloopbloop. My name is Joe and we met at that trade show..."

Overall, EnPlay has developed a rather nifty application. I'm not sure the tagline, "It's better than your brain" is accurate. Well, not for you, anyway. Me? Hmm. Perhaps, perhaps.

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