What will we see at WWDC?

Apple enthusiasts are all on the edge of their seats today, waiting for WWDC to begin. The fun starts at 10 am PT with Phillip Schiller's keynote.

The 'rumors' of a new iPhone model are so widespread that it'll be much more surprising if it doesn't happen than if it does. Exact specs are still hazy though. General upgrading seems likely: faster processor, more ram. How about a front facing camera for video chat? Maybe. How about that 3D chip we talked about last week. Hmm, that one hasn't gotten a lot of traction so probably not likely.

What about the iTablet? Analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray said not this year; was he right? Or will Apple surprise us? Can we still be surprised in this era of leaks and rumors?

If there have been any rumors about Macs I haven't heard them. It's a curious place we've arrived at: Apple's computers seem to be a sideshow and not what everyone is talking about.

So will there be a "One more thing" moment when something completely unexpected gets announced? What will it be? What do you hope it will be. Please leave a comment. Me, I still want an Apple e-reader, and I remain the sole voice in the wilderness declaring that they retired their iBook line to free up the name for an e-reader. (That's based 100% on my selfish desires, not on any insider information!)

Want to attend the Keynote virtually? Scott Beale at Laughing Squid has put together a post of all the places you can get live coverage of the event.

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