WWDC Keynote: Hit or Miss?

So now that you've had a day to digest Apple's WWDC Keynote, what do you think? (Need a recap? Josh Fruhlinger has you covered.) Exciting or a snoozer? What are you looking forward to?

The cult of iPhone seems divided. Some are excited about more storage and faster processors, video capture and a compass in the stock (every time I read a list of the features of the iPhone now, I'll think of the fabled Red Rider BB Gun in A Christmas Story). Others are annoyed at the price, although this annoyance seems to be aimed at AT&T rather than at Apple. Personally, as someone who experiences brief bursts of geek lust over the iPhone, but not enough of them to get me to take out my wallet, there was nothing in the iPhone announcements to prompt me to take the plunge.

Speaking of the price, Harry McCracken over at Technologizer has no sympathy for existing iPhone owners who feel like they're getting the short end of the stick with upgrade pricing.

Beyond the iPhone (and wow, did those demos go on forever or what?) the news was mixed on the computer front as well. Faster laptops at lower prices – who's going to say no to that? I'm less enthused by the non-removable battery. Am I the only one whose MacBook Pro freezes up to the point where removing the battery is the only way to reset it? Granted this happens very rarely (once a year maybe) but if I can't remove the battery, what do I do? Do these laptops have some kind of hard reset button that I need to press with an unfolded paper clip? Plus it can be nice to have a spare battery if you're going to be away from an electric outlet for an extended period of time. Again, not something that's going to happen every day, but you only need a missing feature once to really feel the sting of not having it.

To me, the best news out of the Keynote was Snow Leopard, and the very consumer-friendly upgrade price of $29. The upgrade to Snow Leopard doesn't seem too flashy, but for $30 I'll be happy with faster speeds and getting six gigs of hard drive space back.

I have to admit, I was waiting for 'One more thing' and was somewhat disappointed when the keynote ended without one. What about you? What'd you think of the keynote? Are you going to upgrade your iPhone? Or is this the iteration that finally gets you to take the plunge and get your first one? Is there a new laptop in your future? Please leave a comment and share!

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