Best Places to Work in IT: Employer Scorecard

Computerworld's annual Best Places to Work in IT special report was released Monday. Here's how the companies stack up in key areas:

Best Benefits

1. University of Pennsylvania

2. General Mills Inc.

3. Genentech Inc.

4. Raytheon Co.

5. University of Miami

Top 5 Benefits

Highest percentage of companies that offer:

Health insurance 100%

Paid vacation 100%

Flexible hours 98%

Employee assistance programs 97%

College tuition reimbursement 96%

Best at Retention

1. General Mills Inc.

2. San Diego Gas & Electric Co.

3. Securian Financial Group Inc.

4. OhioHealth

5. Scottrade Inc.

IT Staffing Levels

Anticipated staffing changes in 2009:

Increase 34%

Decrease 11%

Remain the same 54%

To be determined 1%

Best Training Opportunities

1. Monsanto Co.

2. Verizon Wireless

3. The Mitre Corp.

4. Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.

5. The George Washington University

A Typical Best Place:

Spends $1,968 per IT employee on training

Offers 6 training days annually for IT staffers

Best at Diversity

1. University of Miami

2. University of Pennsylvania

3. Genentech Inc

4. Quicken Loans Inc.

5. Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.

At a Typical Best Place:

34% of IT staff members are women

32% of IT managers are women

29% of IT staff members are minorities

18% of IT staff managers are minorities

Best Career Development

1. Michelin North America Inc.

2. Apollo Group Inc.

3. Raytheon Co.

4. National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

5. University of Miami

At a Typical Best Place:

62% offer IT staffers a formal mentoring programs

56% survey IT staffers about job satisfaction once a year

15% survey IT staffers about job satisfaction more than once a year

Learn more about how companies were chosen.

Search overall rankings for 2009

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