Has the recession affected your archive and disaster recovery plans?

IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Storage tracker says that the storage software market is down for the first time in five years. the market was worth $2.8 billion, according to the study, which is 5.2 percent less than the year-ago quarter. According to the report, most of the storage sub-markets declined on a year-over-year basis, with device management, replication, and infrastructure markets affected the most.

Why the dip? Are traditional storage companies losing ground to cloud-based services? While that may be part of it, much of the decline is more likely due to the fact that enterprises everywhere are putting off projects until they are absolutely necessary. The general consensus out there is one of "let's get by with what we have for now." VARs in fact have observed more clients pushing things off for one or more quarters because of budgetary constraints for several months now.

In a financial pinch, disaster recovery may be something that gets put on the back burner by the front-office bean counters, simply because there is no immediate payback (unless the worst happens, of course). So let's take a poll: How has the recession affected your archive/disaster recovery plans?

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