Another script to make Knowledge Base searches easier

Recently I posted a script you could use to quickly search the Microsoft Knowledge Base using Google. A number of readers indicated they appreciated this hack, so I decided to go one step further and create an HTML page you can save on your computer's hard drive and use to quickly google the KB.

Copy the following text into Notepad and save it as a file named GoogleKB.htm somewhere on your hard drive (I use a folder named C:\scripts for stuff like this):



<title>Google the Microsoft Knowledge Base</title>

<!-- Created by Mitch Tulloch, 2008. Version 1.0 -->

<!-- saved from url=(0014)about:internet -->

<script language="VBScript">


Sub Submit_OnClick

  Dim objForm, strKeyword, strURL

  Set objForm = Document.MyForm

  strKeyword = MyForm.Keywords.Value   If Len(strKeyword)>0 Then

    strURL = "" & strKeyword & _



  End if

End Sub





<H2>Google the Microsoft Knowledge Base</H2>

<form name="MyForm">

Enter keywords:

<input name="Keywords" type="TEXT" size="60">

<input name="Submit" type="BUTTON" value="Google it!">




Once you created the GoogleKB.htm file, double-click on it to open it in Internet Explorer and add it to your Favorites (or drag the URL from the Address Bar onto your Links toolbar which is what I prefer doing for URLs I use frequently).

Now whenever you want to search the KB for something, you can type your keywords (or phrases enclosed in quotes) into the textbox and click the "Google It!" button.


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