Astaro Targets Symantec Resellers in Bold Channel Promotion

The fingerpointing at Symantec continues, in a soap opera-esque quagmire of executives with foot-in-mouth syndrome, PR spin and angry and confused channel partners. Competitors have wasted no time in taking advantage of the situation, and may well succeed in pulling away some of Symantec's best channel partners. The unanswered question is of course, will Symantec care, or will they be glad to see them go?

Astaro Corporation, which has 60 distributors and 2500 resellers in 60 countries, depends completely on their channel, and have drawn a line in the sand at Symantec. The security vendor issued a press release today in direct response to Symantec's new channel policies, referring to their new Symantec Switch promotion. An ingenious piece of opportunistic marketing, the program is aimed squarely at acquiring some of Symantec's resellers. The plan offers a 20 percent discount on Astaro products to Symantec resellers who want to jump ship. The extra discount is designed, according to the company, "to help alleviate the strain these partners may feel in the wake of Symantec's new policies."

Kudos to Astaro for thinking of it. There will no doubt be more than a few Symantec resellers looking for new partners, and Astaro will be first in line to get the low-hanging fruit.

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