Citrix goes exclusive with Ingram Micro

Citrix Systems last week made Ingram Micro its exclusive distributor in North America for all software products, and dropped three other distributors (Tech Data, Avnet, and Alternative Technology) from the supply chain. Citrix has 1,900 resellers, and all will have to go through Ingram now.

Although the move will hit the three dropped distributors, the justification for the move is that Citrix will be better able to take advantage of Ingram’s strengths, and naturally, Ingram, as recipient of the sweetheart deal, will be beefing up its own efforts to help channel partners.

But although the official party line is that everyone benefits, not everyone is happy about the deal, and some resellers have already started to lodge complaints, citing bad experiences and not enough options for financing. Some have also suggested that the move may even make it more difficult for Citrix to compete against VMware.

Resellers who already use Ingram will likely benefit from the deal, but the minority who don’t have accounts with Ingram may get the short end of the stick, and may even go to competitors instead of making the switch.

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