More Online Backup Storage for Less

The two leading consumer oriented online backup leaders, and, started out with quite similar offerings. Mozy added their MozyPro service to back up servers rather than just workstations, while Carbonite remains focused on the consumer market. When EMC bought Mozy last year, people knew a price increase loomed, and the prices did go up. But good news today, as storage prices for MozyPro have dropped by over two-thirds, from $1.75 per GB down to $.50 per GB.

Kudos to Mozy for taking this step, since it will force the hundreds of other backup services to adjust their pricing for business backup as well. This won't have any impact on consumer pricing, because all the major players offer unlimited online backup storage for any single computer for $50-$60 per year.

While backup services tend to be generous with their space for personal computers, servers require too much storage for unlimited pricing. Almost every server backup option prices start at or above a dollar per GB, which was a great price a few years ago. I've been hoping the price would drop a bit, since some online resellers advertise 500 GB disk drives for $169, and 1TB (yes, tera byte) drives for not too much more.

The increasing drop in physical storage pricing has now convinced one of the leading online backup companies to drop their prices. This helps everyone running a small business easily keep an offsite, automatic backup of all their data. Be safe, spend less.

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