A Practical Solution to FIX Windows XP after virus and malware Removal

Hi Guys, I have 14 years working as an IT Pro, I wish to share this new Tip, is a tool that can really fix WinXp, after it was affected by malware or viruses, is not an antivirus, nor also an antispyware, as far as I understand this tool regenerates the Win Reg to its basic form after instalation, the difference is that there's no need to format your HDD, or Reinstall WinXP, your applications will keep running, your settings will remain in good shape, and your documents are safe. This tool also gives you some options to apply startup changes after it finishes and reboot, have a look on the site http://www.reimage.com these guys are really doing something amazing, the tool works in arround 30 minutes, and also you can unattend it since it has an auto fix and reboot option, also they offer a Boot CD option that works perfect to dead PCs. Well there you go. Enjoy it!

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