Symantec: IE 6 more vulnerable to unpatched Microsoft flaw

A vulnerability in as-yet unpatched Microsoft software poses a more severe threat to Internet Explorer 6 users than those on the next version of the browser, security vendor Symantec has warned.

The flaw in Microsoft's Access database software came to light just as Microsoft issued its patches for the month on July 8. The problem is within the Snapshot Viewer ActiveX control, which allows someone to see an Access report without launching the software.

Attackers are actively exploiting the vulnerability by either creating Web pages or hacking existing Web pages to host the attack. The hackers lure people to the pages through spam or an instant message.

Internet Explorer 7 will prompt users before downloading a particular ActiveX control for the first time. But Internet Explorer 6 will automatically download the control since it is digitally signed by Microsoft, Symantec said in its

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