IPhone hackers warn against v.2.0.1 update

Macworld.co.uk – Hackers working to develop software that unlocks the iPhone for use on non-approved networks and in order to install unauthorized applications are warning users not to install iPhone Software 2.0.1.

The iPhone Dev team - developers of the popular PWNAGE application - issued a statement to this effect last night, warning that included in the firmware up date that there is a baseband update. What this means is if users try to update an unlocked or jailbroken phone with the Apple software, there's a strong chance their device will be bricked.

"If you own a first generation (2G iPhone), no matter what you do now, you don't have to worry, the next PwnageTool will get you where you want even if it you prematurely updated. 2G is completely pwned at every conceivable level and you'll always be OK. But if you own a 3G iPhone and are looking for unlock in the near future, don't use Apple's update yet," the team warns.

"PwnageTool v2.0.1 does not work with version 2.0.1 of the iPhone or iPod update from Apple," they add. "We will release an update to PwnageTool when the testing has been completed and all applied changes have been checked for safety."

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